Transponder keys

It is used to ignite a vehicle engine. This is because when the car key is turned in the ignition, it sends an electronic message that will allow the car to start provided it receives the right message in return. Car keys with this software can be programmed using a special machine to suit user needs.
Transponder is a software that has a memory that does not necessarily need to retain energy. Besides the chip, there is also a collection of fine coiled wires around a tube. The coiling look very similar as those in the electric motors. Basically,there are two types of the transponders; one is electric coupled transponder system. These systems are not restricted to limited areas of transmission but instead they can transmit messages to wider range of distance including miles.

These systems are also used in airplanes and satellites. For these systems to function properly, they require large amount of energy. The other type of the system is magnetic coupled transponder system.They do not have their own power source,therefore the length of operation is limited in range to less than 10cm. Also.since it is magnetic, they operate at a certain frequency level of about 130 Hertz. It can pass through translucent materials such a plastics.
Key identification is similar in both systems. Inserting the key into the ignition lock and switching it on,the coils wound around the lock generates and sends and electromagnetic energy field. The coils then absorb the energy which aid in sending signal which will then be interpreted by a computer device. Confirming the presence of a similar memory in the computer, the car parts are set in motion. The chip may retain the memory of a key for so long posing a challenge in case of changes.

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